Picture Gallery

...of other things I was involved in

(...uh...this page was last updated in 1997! :-O )

Cyberspace Roadshow 1994, VR Game for the Schweizer Bank Gesellschaft
VR Hardware Rendering Snapshots + Photo

Interior Design Lighting Study by Claudia Breil
Radiosity + 2xRaytracing

The New Fraunhofer-IGD Building, Terminalroom

Birthday Cake for Neil Gatenby, using his own BSP-Tree Code
all Radiosity (pics 4 and 5 show the mesh)

Birthday Cake for our Former Head of Department Martin Göbel

What I'm doing when I'm supposed to work... ;-)

Firework Screensaver

Tunnelrun with moving Objects (used also for the Cyberspace Roadshow)

Beaming Inside the Holodeck (Transition Scene for our VR CAVE)

Some 'Tron'-like Game inside a Cube

Conway's "Game of Life", in Realtime (2D and 3D)

Meet our Head of Department, Stefan Müller, in Real and as a QuadTree Mesh!
(this was done as part of a present for his PhD Thesis)

A Picture I made with my own RayTracer

No more pictures here, but rather two DOS programs I wrote:

ljapunov.zip - a fast program to compute pictures of the 'Ljapunov Exponent', a very beautyful and complex fractal. But see for yourself:
(Ok, ok, I admit it. This is another picture. So sue me.)

mandanim.zip - an extremly fast and speed optimized program for realtime computation of the classic 'Mandelbrot' fractal. The mouse can be used to move and zoom in or out.

The computational expensive loops of both programs are programmed in (80386-/80387-) Assembler.

The 'Mandelbrot' program is now also available as an SGI binary with multiprocessor support!
The first parameter specifies the number of processes to use.
(use this link if you encounter problems with the other one)

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